A House in the Sky

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The New York Times

A House in the Sky selected as notable book of 2013 by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.


The Globe and Mail – By Graeme Smith, author of The Dogs are Eating them Now: Our War in Afghanistan

The book should be mandatory for anybody who feels compelled to work in the toughest parts of the world.



A House in the Sky, #1 Best Book of 2013 in Biographies & Memoirs on Amazon.


Eliza Griswold – The New York Times

“Lindhout’s resilience transforms the story from a litany of horrors to a humbling encounter with the human spirit. Remarkable… Tremendously powerful…exquisitely told. An extraordinary narrative of forgiveness and spiritual triumph.”

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Rebecca Johnson – Vogue

“A poetic, profound, and thrilling exploration of one woman’s misadventure set against the backdrop of global terrorism…Elegant and evocative.”


USA Today

“The wide-eyed optimism and unflappable determination that led her to danger also kept her alive…harrowing, beautifully-written…a brave, compassionate and inspiring triumph.”  4 of 4 stars

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Robert Draper – ELLE

“A great book…The lesson [Amanda Lindhout] taught me and others who know this remarkable young woman is: What matters is not how you got there, but what you do once you’ve arrived.”


The Globe and Mail – By Graeme Smith, author of The Dogs are Eating them Now: Our War in Afghanistan

The question often asked, when Amanda Lindhout disappeared in one of the world’s nastiest war zones, was: Why? Nobody instructed the young journalist to visit Somalia in the middle of a civil war. No editors demanded her coverage; her only steady job when she landed in Mogadishu was a regular column for the Red Deer Advocate, a small newspaper in central Alberta. When news broke that a 27-year-old freelancer had been kidnapped, some veteran correspondents asked each other why the rookie threw herself into such danger.


Starred Review – Publishers Weekly

Canadian journalist Lindhout gives a well-honed, harrowing account of her 459-day captivity at the hands of Somali Islamist reveals.


Calgary Herald

“Buy and devour this book for an unflinching look at the transformation of a young girl into a determined woman; from cocktail waitress to the driving force behind a non-profit foundation. A House In The Sky will have you in tears of rage and awash in dread, even as it is impossible to put down.”

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Amazon Guest Review – By Susan Casey, author of The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean

A House in the Sky is a true story of a young woman’s radical adventures. It is absorbing and inspiring and textured. It is terrifying. It illuminates. It is the best book I have read in a very long time.


Starred – Kirkus Review

A vivid, gut-wrenching, beautifully written, memorable book.


Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Readers of her magnificent A House in the Sky will be continually inspired by Lindhout…As much as House is a horror story, it’s also very much a love story: of Lindhout’s love for travel, for family, for adventure and, incredibly, for the Somali people. Engrossing from the first page…its examination of evil and goodness asks readers to not just consider the contents of others’ hearts but, perhaps more important, the contents of their own.”


Winnipeg Free Press

“Impossible to put down — right through to its very last page. Her lessons are unforgettable, as is her book.”

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Starred – Booklist Advance Review

Writing with immediacy and urgency, Lindhout and Corbett recount the horrific ordeal in crisp, frank, evocative prose. But what readers will walk away with is an admiration for Lindhout’s deep reserves of courage under unimaginable circumstances.