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Amanda Lindhout speaking Styled by Styleista

“Amanda is an inspiring speaker with a message that is absolutely vital for our times.”

— Eckhart Tolle, author of the internationally best-selling book The Power of Now

“The message that Amanda Lindhout delivered was absolutely riveting. For lack of a better descriptive phrase, it left our staff “shell-shocked”. Of importance, it was not the story of captivity that was the most compelling – although it was certainly a remarkable story – it was the how and the why of being able to survive a harrowing ordeal with courage, grace, wisdom and discipline. Her concept of forgiveness was thoroughly convincing and it challenged each of us to embrace such a manner of thinking and doing. It is not often that anyone can captivate an entire audience of CSC for an hour (we are a tough crowd), yet Amanda had many of us in tears. When she had finished her talk the applause quickly led to a spontaneous standing ovation.


— Bowden Institute


“I’ve been booking key note speakers for 25 years.  I’ve seen them all.  The good.  The bad and the average.    So when someone exceptional takes my stage – I know it quickly.

Amanda was that exception.    The audience was so transfixed on her story that you could hear a pin drop.   By the end of it all – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house and she got a huge standing ovation.

I’m happy to recommend her to anyone.”

Howard Szigeti – Producer, Unique Lives & Experiences

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